Month: March 2020

Technical Analysis Course – How Losers Think Part I

We're going to look closely at the thinking of losers with this technical analysis course series.

Tagore - the famous poet: ---- wrote , "Pessimism is a form of mental dysomania. It distains healthy nourishment and indulges in the strong drink of denunciation and creates an artificial rejection which thirsts for a stronger draught".

Lemmings that race to the ocean is what losers are like . The trap of rejection and self denunciation catches them and they can't wait to get more of it ! Parents and relatives constantly bombarding kids with negatives through their lives is as if there is a conspiracy to develop and sustain an attitude of "can't do" in people . Conditioning continues through song lyrics, television commercials, pressures from friends, relatives, neighbors, social contacts and nearly all of society . A paper can't be distributed , a news hour cannot be made interesting unless you have misery and unpleasantness .... which is what makes up a loser .

Losers out there love misery - it is the only thing that makes him happy . Think of it !

The losing trader is a self-defeatist . He does the best when stress and strain occur, and losing money makes him feel at home . The loser who strikes gold in the market, literally falls apart ... that isn't what he is used to . Success is something he doesn't know how to enjoy . Struggling and losing have always been what his thoughts are build upon . A win occurs, he loses it, becomes an expert - he develops what one prominent futures trader (Larry Williams) called "the King Kong feeling". Self control is lost and he quickly loses his profits , and he goes back to the struggling and the misery - something he's used to, - like lemmings to the sea , and he may not wish to admit it but he loves to struggle,- to struggle to win . Winning is something his mind can't cop with . Struggle is what he copes with . It's incredible, isn't it? Especially if you look closely at it with a technical analysis course.

He correlates a posture of immaturity . It's easy to see why he is made a fool of by the cordial politician that says "Don't worry about things. We'll deal with it. We know what's best for you" .

A loser has a desire to win that is overwhelming . They tell themselves that winning can happen , and to save face they keep coming back . In their psychological patterns ineffectualness is already programmed in. He almost becomes hypnotized with success by those events that occur. Mind hypnotism or a trance occurs to him. Sinking feelings about various things occur to him. The things he did right he can't wait to apply, usually to the very same market but at a time that is all wrong. His mind is almost saying to him, "It really isn't happening to you" . He is unaware of where he is. He becomes another person .

[ It's always great to see a win occur to a loser, but it becomes sad when you see them in a trance state, and you know that soon they'll start losing once again - so much, that they will be right back where they started .]

In some cases when a profit happens , the profit will make their mind so happy , that it will grab it, but nearly always prematurely . If there is a loss occurring, his mind says "It will all work out in the end" and he/she hangs on . He cuts profits short and allows losses to run on.

Shorting the market is difficult for a budding trader. He thinks that prices have no ceiling and that the sky is the limit . Growth is inevitable as long as he is buying against base zero , since to his mind that is what life is all about, - growth, upward movement . We will continue this discussion about how losers think in our next article in this technical analysis course series.