Month: February 2020

Understanding Short Term Trends is Essential For Successful Day Trading The Daily Trading Report d

When you are ready to buy stocks, there are several different strategies that you should have in your arsenal - long term plans are an essential part of that, but some of your resources could be well served by putting them into shorter term strategies.

The underlying fundamentals of these strategies are somewhat different than buying stocks for the long term, and the risks are different because of that - in normal trading, you might take a long term, higher risk position on a small company that is just starting up - say, a hi-tech firm or a restaurant chain, or lower risk companies such as those companies which have been around for a long time and which for whatever reason you feel they are somewhat undervalued.

Short term, or day trading, is somewhat different - but it is not a totally random proposition either, as some trading strategies would have you believe. To understand some of these underlying forces, finding good research and strategies is essential, and this is where the Daily trading report comes in - they look at a different set of information than many in this industry, giving their clients a step up in the short term information game, and they also run several different portfolios.

The Daily Trading Report has also built a trading community where like-minded traders can share their views and what other traders are doing - they take a different view than many, with the idea that their shared success is very important. This is reflected in the view of short term market - if they really were just random circumstances that make no real sense in the short term, then some of the semi mystical trading strategies would make sense, but the Daily Trading Report seeks to cut through that random background noise to determine what is really driving markets, and identifying the most important aspects of these fundamentals which will allow you to make smart, short term decisions based on real information and not some strategy to 'play the randomness'.

The Daily Trading Report is confident in the tools and analysis it provides, and offers a week free for a person to gain access to their site in order to delve deeper into their strategies and the vast amount of information that they make available to their members - if the goods are not there, then you are free to back out, but that rarely happens once someone signs up.

There are also three portfolios that the Daily Trading Report runs, and they include short term, medium term and longer term portfolios. For instance, the Global Macro Portfolio takes on long term trends, but not in the usual 'trend following' that many such strategies utilize - rather it uses a set of criteria developed over a twenty year history in the trading world, developed by Brad McFadden, the Chief Investment Officer of the Daily Trading Report; he, along with his partners, have built a site which gives you the tools you need to make smart, strategic decisions on making short term decisions for your money, bringing not only the highest payoff but also with the goal that this should be fun.

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